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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

anti ipod courtesy of jb-hifi

this is from a jb hi fi magazine

because of ipods:
- no one will have a record collection to pass down to their kids anymore
-ipods are pushing us further into downloading of the net, off friends etc and not buying the cd outright
- cd artwork will become a thing of the past. when you stick in your ipod you are not looking at the cover art- masterpieces and mysteries like the sgt peppers lonely hearts club band cover will be no longer.
-no albums, no fashion trends
- no album covers= no true POP culture
- art and conversation and music all live off each other- ipods suck the big one
- been to a party lately dictated to by someones ipod collection- bring back the DJ, you know that guy or girl you ask "do you have?" and they say "nah but if you like that you might like..."
- just because it's easy access doesn't make it good.
- think about it
- the next generation is getting crap if we give them ipods.


Blogger Cernunnos said...

Even though mp3s are easy access or whatever, I think cds are just as bad as well. There's no physical connection between a cd and what's on it. Or a connection between a cd and the user. You just whack it in some black lifeless box and press a couple buttons on your remote. It's giving people too much freedom controlling their music. Vinyls on the other hand are more real. You've got to stick a needle on it by hand, you get to see where it's playing from, if you want to change a track you've got to move the needle yourself, if you don't look after them they break, and you've got to flip them over every twenty minutes. I think it's great. You don't just forget about it by putting it on loop or whatever. Besides, I think vinyl sleeves are so much better than their cd counterparts. Whether it's the size or what I don't know, but yeah.

10:54 AM, April 17, 2005  

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