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Monday, July 11, 2005

names, names

i am trying to come up with a name for my band that is appealing to both me and my mate who plays bass. we have difficulty in agreeing on names, and have disagreed on about 30 so far.

i was thinking of having a two word name. up until a few days ago the best i had come up with was "the urinal cakes" but there is a dj called dj urinal soap, and its a bit close.
so i came up with " siege machine" which i thought was awesome because it has a good ring to it. After 5 minutes of internet searching i discovered an orchestra in america called siege machine, and a punk band called siege.

so i need two words to make a name, preferably they should juxtapose each other, ie stone roses, bad religion, bikini kill, cat power, dead kennedys,

or be unrelated ie happy mondays, afghan whigs, green day, butthole surfers,

or sound similar ie blues brothers, backstreet boys, electric 6


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