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Sunday, May 15, 2005

just some stuff i've been doing,,, creating scenarios

They asked us what we thought about the war. Now we’d worked out previously that out a while ago that the image we aimed to project was that of uneducated dissatisfied youth, so obviously we replied with things like “we don’t know why we’re off in Iraq when the problems we have at home are more important”.
When we started the group we created our ideal Rolling Stone article and then everything that we did, we did to accomplish this aim. It went something like this.

Straight from a warm gun to you, Super Bear Brothers are the latest rock group to emerge from Melbourne. With their blend of classic rock image and hip hop beats they are already making an impact six months from their conception.With their name referencing their shared love of video games and beer, they have a huge cultural relevance to the youth of today, which they use to spread a message of dissatisfaction with the status quo. “We’re force fed a diet of utter crap everyday, and we have to sit and take it because that’s the way the world works,” said singer and spokesperson Roger Ramjet. “We want to say that there’s another way, you don’t have to buy products because multinationals force you to, just steal them from the shop. For example, Apple is killing the music industry with the ipod, so we’ve set up a co-operative where homeless people mug anyone over twenty five with one, and then we sell them back to the kids. Eventually no one will want to buy them new. It’s grass roots activism like that that’s the way of the future.”
Now hard edge fundamentalists like Roger Ramjet might seem extreme but already the effect can be seen in the increased in-store security, and random searching of homeless people in the CBD. “That’s exactly what we’re aiming for,” said Ramjet. “That kind of mass awakening of the people against the overlords. At the moment we’re all like serfs, and Microsoft and Nike are like our rulers. We work all our lives to buy their products so we can interact with other people and what do we get? A whole lot of mediocre product and lots of landfill.
The other members of the band also go under various intriguing nom de plumes. Patrick the Canary handles bass, while William Shakespeare deals with percussion. A female known as Britannia rules the Waves provides trombone and vocals, and depending on the level of inebriation, saucy burlesque dancing. “It’s the message that’s important, not the medium” says Patrick the Canary. “We want kids to know they have to get the politicians attention. If you’re against outlawing abortion go impregnate some politician’s kid, see how they like it then. If your school needs more money burn it down.” Britannia believes that “it’s our way or the highway, you have to make your own luck, good things come to those who wait and angels are made not born.” William Shakespeare prefers not to talk, instead sticking to the skins.


Blogger Britt said...

...if your school needs more money, burn it down...
Immediate response- outrage that someone could have such little respect for property... But I wonder if it works?

7:35 AM, May 16, 2005  
Blogger laim85 said...

it turned into a comic piece somehow. it was supposed to be serious.

11:35 PM, May 20, 2005  

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