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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


i had an awesome dream about two nights ago.

in the dream for some reason i was watching cuban revolutionaries being executed. the big deal about the executions was that they could choose the way they wanted to die, similar to the "meaning of life/monty python." because they were all young and dramatic men, they were all choosing great, exciting, dramatic ways of dying. whatever they did, they had to do in groups of four, and they were also allowed to carry a banner with them. alot of them chose to die by drowning and so they would all run off the end of piers carrying a banner between them saying something like "death to the abusers of children" and other inspiring messages.
As the dream proggressed they became more and more dramatic, until they where running down the pier, jumping off the end, and while they were in the air flaming cannonballs were fired through their chests. the dream ended on a high note because the last group jumped out of synchronization and insted of all falling in a row they fell on behind the other. they were all shot through the chest with the flaming cannonballs and then the last guy reached forward to the guy falling through the air in front of him and put his hands in the hole made by the cannonball and ripped his chest apart.


Blogger Britt said...

cannon balls eh? Fiery ones no less. Sounds like quite the vivid dream.
I'm jealous because I still have no dreams to add to my studio dream diary project...

11:37 PM, August 09, 2005  

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