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Sunday, August 28, 2005

this was in the main blog, repeated here

"i am annoyed. i do not like market dominance, i do not like products that everyone has one of. i do not like these white bricks anymore.i wish to propose a motion to eliminate any mention of them from the curriculum in relation to design. no one should reference them as being "good design", having a "good interface" being "cool" or "popular." i am sick of hearing of them everyday. they take up valuable time which could be spent being exposed to other marvelous consumer products. alright they are good. but they are a part of life. i do not want to see products which are white and clean, with smooth lines. give me hard and industrial, or organic and dirty. they are a blight on the face of the earth, devoid of character within themselves, and and will become a symbol of the homogenisation of culture.take a stand today. rename them with a term which you find less loaded with advertising meaning. avoid discussion of them. disagree with me. why are they good?"

i decided to continue the campaign here. read the comments on the original post in the archive, there are lots of good points made. i do not want disliking ipods to be the new cool, but i think that as people who may indeed end up making money from cool, it is our duty to "be cool" or at least "be aware"i don't know. all i wanted to do was stop people using them as examples of good design. i will post some pictures i've been taking since the original post, to support my point.


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