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Sunday, August 28, 2005

the rebel sell

i read the rebel sell a little while ago and could not be more excited about it if i tried. everyone should have to read's a great read and really convincing. it talked about how the only way to beat the capitalist system was not to work, not not to spend. i found this hard to believe at first, i mean if you don't spend it then surely you're taking money out of the system?
but then i realised that banks and saving and mortgages are such an integral part of our life that they must work somehow , i mean we've still got capitalism, but look at the the way we look down on people who don't earn money, that was the big pointer for me, i mean, they're the ones who are doing something to change things.
though the rebel sell is not without flaws. i guess it doesn't really take into account peoples need to have different things, and be stimulated. its like if you have a monkey in a cage, if you give it a new toy every now again it'll be satisfied, but if you leave it with the same one it will get bored and angry.

which is where my good world plan comes into effect. rather then contributing to the wasteful consumption of products without meaning people should exchange gifts made with love and with real meanings, rather then the clinical advertising ones embedded in bought products. think of it as an expansion of the tshirt exchange. you would bake a cake, sew a bag, knit a jumper, draw a picture, grow some carrots etc, and then one day of the week everyone would exchange their present with another person, making sure never to do the same person twice. old people and young people could be included, homeless and destitute could participate, everyone would be a part of it. it would not be about what you got, but rather about the joy and happiness you got over a period of time. if you did not like something then you could pass it on to someone not part of the group, not asking for a gift in return, and hopefully they would want to be part of the movement too.


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