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Sunday, May 04, 2008

done, done

yeah, finally edited some stuff in the the template to get rid of black lines and boxes, and updated the links section of this blog. ( i'm thinking of trying to get some products in the Designboom design mart in sydney in august, so i guess i'd better do some.
anyway, here's some shelves i made from a shipping pallet cut in half. i'm 'inspired ' by some shelves i saw somewhere on a blog, with a similar form, but obviously not made from recycled material. they have a really freeform approach to placement, they can lie anywhere or lean up against anything. i think if you had 20 or so, they would make great semi-transparent room dividers, arranged in walls.
i'm gonna work on the skateboard deck and shell feedback container this afternoon, make some cardboard mockups in full scale. hopefully this week i'll get the questionnaire done for uni. otherwise i am going to fall behind.


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