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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


holy crap it's been a while. i ran into some difficulties when they changed over to the google system, and accidentally created two logins meaning i had to log out of gmail and then loginto blogger every time i wanted to use it, and it was wa too much effort. but i was beginning to miss the writing so, i've decided to start posting again.

gee that last post was kind of weird wasn't it. i really like this blog as a diary of where my head was at for the last couple of years. i should mirror it so i have a record of it in case it gets erased one day.

anyway. i was wanting to do some reviews, post what i was working on etc, keep a handle on my last year at uni. i'll try and make this a little more professional as well, change the template and some other stuff.

anyway, dream diary. P keeps one, and she has crazy dreams, and m. Gondry works alot of his childhood dreams into his films, so i think it might be fun. i only tend to remember the dreams that occur in that sort of sleep where you could probably almost wake up if you wanted. i emailed B about the dream i had on day where i soaked my hands in a pot of boiling water until they were red and cooked, and then sucked the flesh off the bones of my fingers. it sounds pretty strange, but i was remarkably calm about it in the dream, as if it was perfectly normal.

anyway, this morning i had a dream that i was some sort of secret agent, working with a partner at infiltrating some government organisation. and we were wearing suits and walking through this building full of people, looking for a backdoor, a way to get to the top floor without using the elevators, because they were guarded. there were about 10 floors to the building, and we started off on about level 6. and for some reason we wandered into this dank dungeon of a shop that was selling either toys, or some kind of asian remedies, and at the very back of this shop, there was half a door, and i squeezed through the gap in the door, and there was an abandoned staircase that went up and down. so that was the way that we would get to the top floor, but first we had to get to the floor below it. next thing in my dream is i'm climbing out of a hole in th floor behind a small guy. he doesn't hear me coming, and i have to break his neck, but it's really hard, i think i remember seeing people do it to fish, which is where the imagery comes from. i can never do it because i'm too much of a sook. anyway, he doesn't die, he's just paralysed, so my accomplice and i push him down the stairs where he is hidden. and from there the plan falls apart. and we get caught and i'm marched through a library with my hands behind my back, like it was a primary school detention, and i know that if i'd been able to break the guys neck, then i would have suceeded.
i think i maybe shouldn't play call of duty at 4 in the morning again


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