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Sunday, July 20, 2008

update festival week

this week and last week are chock full of design related stuff, due to the convergence of two design festivals in grey Melbourne, the Melbourne International Design Festival, and the State of Design Festival.
forgive me if i avoid differentiation between the two of them, in my mind they are one large event, perhaps named Melbourne Design Week or something.

anyway, armed with two separate brochures and a diary, i seem to have plotted out a couple of weeks of good stuff to keep me occupied.
i applied to be an official blogger for the MIDF blog, but they seem to not want me so i may do my own reviews here anyway, rebel blogger that i am. they seem to always be so upbeat and positive about everything, i feel duty bound to write about my inevitable disappointments.

this is a blog i found when i was searching for information on a 3mm mechanical pencil for my grandfather. it's a very impressive resource with comprehensive reviews of a wide range of stationary items besides pencils, including erasers and notepads. besides which it is written by someone on my side of the world, so it's all in metric and uses Aus/NZ terminology.

-This carpenters pencil is the oldest known pencil in existence. It was found in the roof of a 17th-century German house, and is part of the Faber-Castell private collection.
In the 19th century people couldn't afford generally to transport stone around, so all materials were local. And one of the really nice things is that if you go to Melbourne, everything's built out of bluestone which is highly distinctive; come to Sydney, it's built out of lovely yellow block sandstone. So the same style of architecture in general terms ends up looking quite different in the two cities because the local material was actually quite contrasted.

an interesting local example of the original 100 mile diet concept (by need not choice) as applied to architecture. should it be applied to products as well? Local design for local people?


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