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Friday, December 19, 2008


i love websites and blogs that are tied to a specific are or region. if they want to make me move there, well then that's perfect. Fecal Face is a website that makes me want to live in San Francisco, with a focus on artists, designers and musicians from this area, that makes San Fran seem like a big Fort Thunder.
At teh moment there is a review/interview of a new photo book named TAG TOWN by Martha Cooper up there which has some brilliant documentary photo's of Tags and street graffiti from NY from the sixties onwards.
Martha says "When trying to shoot their pieces, I spent countless hours standing alone in vacant lots in the South Bronx waiting for trains with freshly painted pieces to come by. Sometimes writers called to tell me that they had a new piece up and which line it was on. Then I would try to shoot it as quickly as possible before it was buffed by transit or painted over by other writers. "

another blog about a PLACE that's a little closer is FITZROYALTY

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