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Sunday, December 28, 2008

year end list-- it goes like this...

01 ECSR - Primary Colours.

02 Gang Gang Dance - Saint Dymphna

03 Fuck Buttons- Street Horrsing

04 Why? - Alopecia

05 Beach House - Devotion

06 Mount Eerie - Lost Wisdom. (also Dawn and Black Wooden Ceiling Opening also released this year)

07 The Drones - Havilah

08 Shearwater - Rook

09 The Dodo's - Visiter

10 Wale - Mixtape About Nothing (pronounced wah lay)

as to , you know, how much of these i actually paid for, i bought Primary Colours at the launch show on vinyl, bought Rook on vinyl from missing link, and saw Beach House play at the mistletones show, and Mount Eerie play a diy styled show at an artists studio in Brunswick. I'll buy Havilah when it's released on vinyl, and the Wale mixtape was a free download i believe. at least, it was free for me...

As to what was new out of these, i had never listened to before this year-
gang gang dance, fuck buttons, beach house, mount eerie, dodo's and wale. over half.

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