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Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I have recently become more and more drawn towards waterborne craft once again. Perhaps logically enough, winter seems to have this effect on me, prompting me to remember summers spent sailing on lakes. or something. I also remember being freezing cold on boats, so maybe it's more to do with that. Cold and happy though.

I have long term boating goals involving 50ft yachts and europe and canals,
An original dutch 'tjalk' or sailing barge would be my preferred ride as in this picture taken by my sister in Rotterdam, but I'd settle for a giant shoal draft sharpie with tabernacle masts for clearing low bridges.

But as i am many tens of thousands of dollars away from that option, I started looking for something a little closer to home, and discovered Skin-on-Frame Kayaks, which are replicas of arctic circle seal hunting kayaks, but covered in modern ballistic nylon or PVC.
Yostwerks provided me with free plans for a multitude of craft, from which the 15ft Sea Tour looks the best suited for cartopping and use on rivers and port phillip bay. Total cost is estimated at $200, but i will try to cut some corners. weight of the finished craft will be 13kg which is very light.

Winter Project yay!

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