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Sunday, March 22, 2009

new camera

I bought a nice new digital camera last week. it does really decent macro photography, so i can take product photo's, and it is also fairly small, so i can carry it around in a bag. I'd been messing around with film camera's, but the nikon SLR and the Yashica Rangefinder, though they take nice pictures, weigh a ton. I was in a couple of situations where i wished i had a decent camera on me; i was standing on the kerb when a car rolled onto its roof right in front of me. after i'd helped the driver out, i really just wanted to take a picture of the upside down car on the suburban back street, things like that don't happen every day.

I got a Canon G10 compact, which was the sweet spot where price, size and quality met.
It also helps that it has chunky 80's black nugget styling...
here's some images i snapped with it, ones from the trackolympics alleycat on friday night, it ended at Queen Victoria markets, The others are from around the flemington drains, after work i went to my studio, and decided to go out and take some photo's, but forgot that it's not light yet at 6am anymore,


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