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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Here's two of the parts from the 15 second sequence i'm animating for the Star Wars Uncut fan-sourced video project. It's based around the Vimeo video sharing website. The movie SW: A New Hope has been split into hundreds of 15 second segments, with three people making separate reinterpretations of each of those segments. The best ones will be used into a mashup of the movie.

I've split the scene into five segments which will be animated with simple shadow puppet techniques and filmed in real time. Colour will be added by the use of cellophane panels. Obviously the difficult part is transferring the 3D depth into the 2D shadow format, without losing visual interest.

I've never tried this technique before, but it seems fairly simple. Fingers crossed
I wouldn't say I'm a star wars fan, I slept through some of the movies, but I like the fan-sourced aspect, and I respect the place the movie holds in pop culture so i thought it would be fun to be involved.
Hopefully my segment is better then the other two submitted and is selected for the final cut.

I also assembled a quick and cheerful zine of some sketches I had, and some images run through the Poladroid program. It's kind of a physical Tumblr blog I guess.
Here's some sample pages. I have a properly working colour printer cartridge for the first time in probably a year.

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