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Friday, November 27, 2009


lightning bolt WAS awesome, on friday night at least, too much waiting around on thursday, cause they blew up their subwoofers, and the mix never sounded right after that. Loudest accoustic drum kit in the world, no doubt, they need the huge speaker stacks just to get the bass louder then the drums. The venue they played on thursday was a brunswick warehouse called Irenes, they set up in the small straw bale recording area, which is the size of a small living room. It was a very hot day, and it got very hot. I saw a lot of sweat. I saw a drummer wearing an animal mask made from old rags drippig with sweat, i saw a crowd of people who were dead keen on this band, and i got blinded by idiot wannabee faster louder photographers camera flashes for the whole gig.

There was a strange mix of metalheads, hipsters, and music nerds on friday night. and they played in this huge gilded plaster theatre in thornbury, which had a weird italian wedding/50's dance hall vibe. No empty bike parking out the front, every pole and post had bikes locked to it for 100 metres up and down the road. I went to the toilet before they played, and when i got back an impenetrable circle had already formed around the setup on the floor. I hung out at the back taking to some people, before heading up to the back balcony where i managed to take this picture with full zoom. the crowd was a teeming mass of people clustered around the band, looking like ants swarming a donut, but the rest of the space was totally empty. the sight of two guys filling this huge space with a wave of sound was pretty special.
At neither of the gigs was my mind really blown, however, listening to the Earthly Delights album now, i get really really excited, which is strange as i never really expected this band to 'grow' on me more, but that seems to have been what happened

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