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Monday, May 16, 2005

and you were there and you and you, and you

Both good and bad sides.
I’m not saying you can kill people for peace, but I am saying that killing someone for $1 million is as right/wrong as doing anything else for an end of$1 million.
I cannot say what is wrong because that means I am taking the position of the right and erasing all other views. I still cannot “put myself in someone else’s shoes” because inevitably I would end up judging as well, just from the other side. I still have no right. If I choose the categories then at least I m constricting myself and others can clearly understand my reasoning. Because if I say that the means doesn’t matter it’s just the end result because I can’t judge from my viewpoint, I still have to say what the end result is, and that’s open to almost as much interpretation. I used to have a project at the end of this, not some depressing nihilistic essay.
We talked in class about simulations and how if everything is based on perceptions then we have all created our own simulations of how the world works based on our own perceptions that help
us live in it. Luca’s grandmother lives in a world without homosexuality because it is not a part of her simulation. In various minor ways we all create our own little bubbles, read women’s weekly, watch TV and create relations that don’t exist in the true and unflattering world that I imagine looks like the barren earth looked like in the matrix. If nothing can be definitely true, outside of our own simulations everything must be fake/true. Dilute this solution with 8 parts of water and apply liberally to whatever you want.

And in regards to dissent in music for money, if the end is dissent, then most “fake” groups didn’t have the same impact as “real” groups, and if the “end’ is money, most real groups weren’t as successful.


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