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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Learning agreement: Liam Prescott s3083400

My aim is to look at the culture and social options available as a result of modern transport, and the surrounding benefits and negatives relating to the easy spread of humans. I will concentrate on local effects and issues rather then the global issues and problems. The end result will be either an entirely approachable and believable scenario that could be implemented in Melbourne and Victoria or a highly naïve and utopian concept that will change transportation as we know it. Either one of these two outcomes will be equally viable as a potential result.

For the last 100 years the human race has steadfastly been running towards the biggest hardest brick wall in the world, in our pursuit of the fossil fuel burning machine utopia. Free energy from the ground, what could be simpler? Unfortunately, perhaps to late we have come to realise that to continue down the current path will result in more irreparable damage to the places we live. Numerous solutions have been proposed, electric cars, hydrogen fuel cells, public transport, bikes and motorbikes. People are reluctant to change their wrongdoing ways and they seem to prefer to stick it out to the bitter end, until they see the whites of the eyes, as such.

The key questions I will be seeking to answer are:
What forms of sustainable transport are available? And what needs to be done to implement these options?
What reasons have we for not utilising the more sustainable forms of transport already available to us?
What techniques relating to the implementation of the car as a mass transport device that contribute to its success can be used to promote other forms of transport to the same level of awareness and use?
What social changes have the car initiated/promoted/stifled?
How would other forms of transport change society- what changes would they cause and how would we cope?
the “car/ motorcar/vehicle/automobile” will be given another name to render its potency inept

The means I will use to conduct my project are the ones that I enjoy using. Things like newspapers and television. Movies, books, talking to people I think will have valid contributions. These will all contribute to the research for this project. I will expect to find in my research a range of contributing factors that have caused the automobile to become the dominant form of transport in western society and also a vehicle for the pursuit of dreams. Some of the differences between the modes of transport will be examined in various media. Hopefully the things I find about the automobile can be changed and updated for our current society and then a plan can be formed as to how to promote a different form of transport. As the end result I will have a scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario, scenario and some pretty pictures to go with it. I want to change the world, one city at a time. Start small, aim big.

Q: Why don’t you walk to work? Mark I desire is a
A: Because it’s too far away. Distinction
Q: Why do you work so far away?
A: Because I can drive there.


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