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Saturday, October 29, 2005

doing stuff? what!

doing stuff! what?
what? am i doing?. well initially i thought i would attempt to withhold my creativity. during the holidays i tend to have no one to show my work to, and therefore lack the desire to actually do stuff, for the same reason i've barely touched anything artistic since i finished year 12.

the idea was to be really creative, but not show anyone. to just work for myself. but i was pretty depressed when i came up with the idea, and now it seems silly and also extremely difficult. what would be the point of doing stuff if no one saw it?

stuff i have to do sometime during my free period
-actually sort out this exchange thing, otherwise i'll still be here in 6 months time, and everyone will be " i thought you were going overseas"
-make the jacket i bought fabric for about 4 weeks ago
-make some music for me to listen too
-draw some drawings
-work out this stuff about emergence and swarm design
-maybe get a extreme downhill gravity racing league going
-maybe make some tshirts
-make an awesomw folio that blows these netherlands guys out of the water!!1!1!2!3!4%5YAY


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