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Friday, May 05, 2006


i ventured again to the corner hotel last night to see the sonic weirdness that is liars. they're fronted by an expatriate australian called angus, who started the group as a multimedia project while he was studying in america. their latest album is said to be their most conventional one, but i still find it bloody weird. i actually went out on wednesday and bought the cd/dvd package, previously i'd just been listening to mp3's. i can say that it is a good album, but i don't think the majority of people will like it. angus used to date karen o from the YYY's, which i only found out yesterday, and apparently they first toured australia supporting those dudes. (who will be back here mid year- a must see)
somehow i ended up in the first row at the show, right in front of angus, who emerged in overalls, and racing car shoes. during the show he stripped down until he was wearing a 2 piece dress with a nautical pattern, and odd stockings on each foot. occasionally he would lift up his skirt, and more was revealed then i probably wanted to see, although he was wearing y fronts. the band setup is one drummer (who always wears vintage bathing suits onstage afaik, mostly women's ones) a guitarist drummer, who also does vocal effects with an effects box and a microphone, and angus, who sometimes plays guitar. these guys don't play a lot of melodies, but a lot of rhythms. the live show faithfully replicates the album. i was expecting more posing and rock god moves, but angus seems suprisingly honest, not posing, but acting out perhaps. i guess i give the show a 6/10.

pitchfork gave them a 9.0 for the album, which is an very excellent score from those guys


Blogger laim85 said...

the album goes from strength to strength. and keeps getting better. i would recommend it to everyone now, because the offchance that you like it is enough reason to get it.

as to the gig, i gave it a 6/10, but in retrospect it moves up to a 7, purely cause i will remember it well, even if at the time i thought it could have been better.

and my scale is fairly tough. i haven't seen a 10/10 yet,

4:03 PM, May 29, 2006  

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