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Thursday, September 14, 2006


this is a post to say i'm still alive.

i'm still alive.
just barely.
exchange students have too many parties, and beer and wine and cigarettes and pot are so cheap here.
12 euro buys buys a 24 pack of 500ml amstel cans and me and stuart, my scottish exchange buddy, go through one of those every night we drink, which is about4 nights a week. the rest of the nights we just drink a couple of bottles of wine @ 1.80 euro each. a 6 pack of heinekin costs under 3 euro's.
it's tons of fun though. so many cool people are around

it's tons of fun though. so many cool people are around, and utrecht is an awesome city. i'm in this tiny internet cafe which is in a bunker under the footpath, near the windows which look out over the oudegracht (old canal) and i can watch all the little boats going past. i'm loving every minute, and skipping every second class.

pictures will come soon, if i ever get the internet connected. my nederlands mobile number is 0625501900, if the world ends and anyone needs to tell me, cause you guys are all a day ahead of me.

there's a whole floor in the building i live in which is filled with all the best people in the whole building.

4 scottish kids, 2 estonians, 1 german, countless spanish, 2 norwegians, 2 other real australians + 2 students who live in australia, 2 americans, plus about ten others i can't be bothered writing about because it would take so long. i'm finding it so hard to wake up in time for class every day, because there's always someone to hang out with until 2 in the morning. i bought a set of speakers, and we leave them in the kitchen and play music all day. we're going to buy another couch, and everyone loves to hang out.

the weather is great atm. 26 degrees at least all week, and today and yesterday were 30. we''re thinking of going to the beach on saturday, except i didn't bring any swimming stuff. the sun's lovely here too, because it doesn't burn like the australian one. i'm just beginning to realise how bad it is that i don't know any dutch. i wen't to my design history class and i didnt understand much at all.

have fun everyone.


Blogger ben said...

brother that sounds so sweet. me i just got back from 2 weeks in the south-australian desert running round in the green stuff. keep having fun mate its a once in a life-time op so make it count.

ben leihy

8:37 PM, September 16, 2006  
Blogger Haley said...

Sounds like you have settled in well then and are having a great time with an excellent community vibe happening. Don’t worry about the Dutch to much it will make it more fun if you misinterpret things and end up doing something crazy. Will ring you if I hear anything is happening to the world. The weather in Melbourne is being the weather in Melbourne… Nice and sunny one day getting ready for warmer weather, then rainy wet and cold the next minute. Keep on having heaps of fun over there and have a beer for me to :) can’t wait for the pictures.

10:09 PM, September 16, 2006  

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