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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

european sun.

things are pretty good here atm. the weather is still swelteringly hot, although it rained today, but i'm looking forward to the winter. i've been and visited the polders, which are really green and verdant. they have a problem with too much water here, because they have nowhere to put it! i've been riding my bike heaps, and it's much safer then riding in australia, because they have seperate roads for bikes, that cars can't drive on. uni is kind of hard. i keep on missing classes because they keep on changing rooms irregularly, the work is easy, but there's so many other distractions, it's hard to get started. i've been here almost a month now, and i think it's time to go see some other countries on the weekend. belgium, germany and france are three i will probably go to. i'd like to go to venice as well, but it might be smarter to do the whole of italy at once.
anyway, i'm keeping well, and cooking lots of marvellous food for myself.


Blogger Britt said...

Holy crap, a month! already!
sounds like you're having a good time.

keep on having fun, and GO to class


10:13 PM, September 26, 2006  
Blogger ben said...

i think ill just go see a couple of other countries on the weekend. lol.
oh btw joe is back from qld for good he broke up with kylie

ben "the man" leihy

3:53 PM, October 03, 2006  
Blogger Britt said...


6:36 PM, October 24, 2006  
Blogger laim85 said...

hahaha. awesome brittany. that grollo tower is the best ever

4:35 AM, October 25, 2006  

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