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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have to admit to never having entered the RMIT gallery before, despite spending 5 years going to the University. Perhaps related to the fact that the entrance is not something you can cautiously wander into and change your mind, but instead requires a focused navigation.
The only reason I finally visited was that an old housemate Marta from my overseas jaunt, had been selected to exhibit as part of the current exhibition, a travelling display from germany.

"SCHMUCK 2009 This annual exhibition, originating in Munich and now its fiftieth year, is widely recognised as the premier exposition of international contemporary jewellery"

contemporary jewellery. what is that. Sometimes it seems a little like a trick, a test to see how far 'wearable' and 'desirable' can be pushed. Not just pushing the envelope, but also pushing the entire postal delivery system.
Suprisingly I found myself fascinated by the different forms and materials. I was expecting to find it interesting but not to this extent. I spent much longer then i would normally spend looking round (I am a person who spends more time reading the label then looking at the piece, generally speaking), and with 60 artisans works displayed there was plenty to look at. I am thinking of popping in again to have another look, as the first time was almost information overload. Even a strait-line industrial designer could find some useful inspiration here. No pictures, because you'll know straight away if this is something you want to visit.
The exhibition runs till the 18th of July.

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