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Friday, June 25, 2010

another project

purchased this 1981 xs250 for a bargain amount of cash off a fellow fixed gear rider who is going overseas and ran out of time to finish it. Not quite sure at the moment which aesthetic direction I will take it in, he was building it as a clip-on equipped cafe racer, but i think a street tracker style bike might be more suited to it's design.
The bike came in a couple of boxes, and I've been gradually piecing it back together over the last month in my studio space. Now that it's partially back together decisions need to be made before i order parts from the USA.

The 'posh sr400' seat that came with it will require an aluminium base to fit to the frame rails. even then, the positioning and angle will not be optimal, and so i am
tending away from using it on this bike. The original seat frame loop gets in the way of most replacement seats, so it may have to be removed and replaced with an angled tail loop, despite the nice new powdercoat it had been painted in.

Despite Wrenchmonkees bikes being perhaps a little too popular at the moment, they have a lot of great ideas of how to create good looking custom bikes without a lot of expensive or complicated modification. Their no.6 seems to be fairly similar to the direction that I want to take, so I will keep referring back to it.
I won't have the giant tyres, spoked wheels and shiny tank. Decisions which have already been made for me by the previous owner due to angle grinder use include the need for rearsets, stock seat not fitting, no battery box or rear fender.
But maybe one day it will look something like this...

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