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Sunday, October 10, 2010

RIH lives

finally got the RIH bike built up and rode it down over to the Westside to visit the Fringe Furniture exhibition. The exhibition was average, it's great to make furniture from floorboards and cardboard, but they don't all have to look like they're made from floorboards/cardboard.

But the bike was great- smooth, quick and twitchy. It's always funny how easily the front wheel lifts up on acceleration from a standstill.
Four years ago if you had told me i would be riding a brakeless track bike on the street i would have said it would never happen, but I've gradually come around to the idea, this is the first bike I've had that hasn't had brakes, but it's no big deal anymore.
The cinelli jelly bar tape is more grippy then cloth tape, but could do with more padding in the drops, gloves will be a must for long rides. The suede concor saddle is also much more grippy then my other leather concor, which is bad for riding in jeans, which tend to get caught on the seat. Anyway, for long sunday rides and lunches in the sun, this bike is pretty perfect.

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