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Sunday, January 09, 2011

bike storage solutions

- 4 x 2.1 m lengths hardwood
- 1 x 1m hardwood
- some kind of rectangular base, i used a bbq table from the naturestrip
- woodscrews
- varnish or oil
- hanging hooks
- pva glue
- drill, saw, screwdriver
- time

the hooks are spaced 30cms apart, and 15cms from each end, and could possibly go a little closer together, though there may be pedal interference resulting.

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Blogger karen! said...

AWESOME! Thanks so much for posting this with details and photos. Am embarking on the same project this weekend for hopefully 6 bikes, and will be putting in another piece of wood toward the bottom to catch the wheel from dirtying up the wall behind it. I had previously thought to do the sides as an upside down T, but your angled design is way more elegant. Did your design hold up? And was sturdy in terms of not tipping over? Anything you would have changed?

11:54 AM, July 30, 2015  
Blogger liam said...

hi karen, the structure has held up fairly well thorugh two house moves/dissassemblys. i would recommend triangulating the corners at the tops and bottoms really solidly,as there can be a lot of flex in the structure otherwise. you can see i used triangles of wood in the corners, and this is the absolute minimum i would recommend. i should probably add some stays made from 3mm spectra and a truckies hitch to adjust tension in order to dial in the stiffness. the piece of wood at the back is a good idea, but it will need to be set back from the triangle about 20 centimetres, otherwise it affects the centre of balance , and the rack will tip over. this is one of the main problems with this design, it actually protrudes a fair way into the room due to the fact the bikes hang down diagonally a little. stability is otherwise fine, though if you have small children around it would probably be wise to anchor it in some way to the wall, as it could be pulled over with a concerted effort.
good luck.

11:47 PM, July 30, 2015  

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