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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

book choy

i bought a whole bunch of books back to the library today.
heres what they were:
-first time europe

-the netherlands
-the salmon of doubt/douglas adams-well worth reading, really interesting
-parallel thinking/edward de bono- now i understand a lot of what kate was talking about in playgroup, and i discovered the sophists, who discovered the same thing i discovered last semester, but about 2000 years earlier.
-encyclopedia of superstitions-was thinking this would have some use to inspire me, but i didn't finish it. i found out about rough music though, and how to cure warts
-a very public solution/paul mees- an awesome book about public transport that compares melbourne with toronto, and finds that melbourne has a better system then toronto, and in fact should be one of the world leaders in public transport, if it were not for the low level of service. full of awesome facts, like in 1905 the sandringham line carried 30 million people annually, and now it only carries 6 million. the sandringham line has the highest level of cancelled trains in melbourne, which seems to prove the connection between level of service and usage.


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