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Friday, November 11, 2005

this was on the back of a batman mask. obviously it does not confer superpowers on the user.

i went to the canberra industrial design grduates display with Rob E.

some things i noticed were how consistent they were as a group. and how different their work was from ours. they even used a different computer program, PRO E which meant that their work really looked different.

inspired me to write a list of things that define industrial design students:

1. we use brief sentences to vaguely explain things that we don't show visually eg: "the chair is ergonomically designed using a form fitting environmentally friendly and form fitting foam".

2. designs are dictated by the computer program used to mock them up, or the method used to visualize them, even if it's a pencil.

3. extruded furniture- draw a shape in solidworks, extrude it, cut extrude it full of holes, and then render it

4. can't think of more at the moment


Blogger laim85 said...

4:making things so that you can change colours like mobile phones

6:05 PM, November 16, 2005  

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