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Monday, March 27, 2006

aeon flux

i watched this movie aeon flux last night. i would describe it as a cross between barbarella and 2001/clockwork orange. it starts off with a lovely soft focused sort of tint to it, looking like it was made in the 70's. a lot of the set design looks straight out of clockwork orange. what lets it down is number one the dialogue. it's full of lines like " no, that's impossible" and ' why do i feel this way around you?" which seem extremely insincere. number two is the computer graphics. on things like the vast cityscapes, everything goes a bit hazy, and it is clearly CG. All of the CG character motion is patently not real, seems kind of jerky etc. the movie seems sort of like a cult film already. there are some ideas that are quite cool, but there are others that seem to have been pinched from other sources, and these are just yawn. i would say i enjoyed watching it, but it had little substance, differing from movies like Gattaca which deal with the same sorts of things. if i was to have made it i would have used more found cityscapes, rather then making them on computer, and also got rid of some of the more unbelievable CG scenes, perhaps using more stunt doubles.

then compare what i said with metacritic ( )
and you can see a lot of other people felt the same. interesting.


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