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Saturday, April 08, 2006

i make no apologies for being imperfect.
unfortunately i find myself disinterested in the path i set myself at the start of the semester.
After i went to the Lab 3000 lecture on the automotive industry i realized i missed the simplicity of designing from within myself. i have yet to work out whether i was merely getting scared and have picked the easiest path, but at this stage in the semester it seems as though the best option is to pick the path of least resistanc, the one i feel the most likely to accomplish. is this a failure? i feel that it is. is this a start? yes. after seeing the electro scoot website i am led to wonder whether the best way to reach the widest range of people is not through a shallow approach. the idea would develop from an idea raised in the PPV workshop of 'concept bikes'
hopefully i will circumvent the issues that tend to annoy me about student projects by having a knowledge of the wider issues at hand, avoiding the obvious flaws.i guess this can be avoided by feedback. feedback...everything leads to it.

you should listen to

rough gem - islands (ex unicorns)


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