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Sunday, June 21, 2009

GG//Global Gutz

Global Guts is an international urban bicycle race, run simultaneously across the globe. It's a long distance event, required to measure 21km's in length, and with 5 checkpoints. I got a puncture before the start, and was unable to ride, hence the photo's.
The winner in Melbourne was Lane, with a time of around 32 minutes (do the math). That is insanely fast, and the man is a monster rider on a fixed gear. several of the roadie riders were wheel lengths behind him, but they had brakes and gears.
The Brisbane ride was shut down by a concerted police effort. Apparently "17 police, 3 motorbikes, 2 pushbikes, a car-full, an undercover car and a paddy wagon"
Riders were cautioned for not having bicycle bells and then their tyres were let down and they were left to walk home. Sounds like my race then.

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