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Friday, March 25, 2005

twist and shout

apparently "when the beatles performed "twist and shout" the regular result was audiences of weeping, ectastic teenage girls hunched in the foetal position, punching their sides covering their eyes and stuffing handkerchiefs and fists into their mouths, fainting and leaving seats and floors drenched in urine." umm, just thought someone should know... otherwise

a real opinion

“it is unclear if he is a sophisticated satirist and/or a shameless exploiter revelling in misogyny and homophobia for commercial gain”-Vincent Stephens, Popular Music 24/1 jan 2005
-referring to Eminem

just as an aside, watching the grammy awards it is interesting to see that after nipplegate, the female vocalists still wear the same sorts of clothes but the dancers are all wearing partial bodystockings under their bras.

mariah carey versus eminem

in her song "Clown" "mariah carey" basically calls eminem a little boy after he said he had some sort of relationship with her. do a search for the track on dogpile if you like but it sounds pretty crap.

pet shop boys vs eminem

Neil Tennant of the pet shop boys, says of Eminem "i'm not suggesting that he is gay, but he's really fascinated by homoeroticism"

he wrote a song about Eminem called "the night i fell in love" that is quite cutting and bitter, i guess. click on the link and do a search for it under audio, he's referred to extremely directly around 2:40 into the track