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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

indie fantasy league II

can't be bothered doing it on the large scale but i added it up for one band i found on the net, "plan b for the type a's" and got 21 which is a hell of a lot and shows how the categorisation needs some work. music categories are hell.

Monday, September 26, 2005


"All your children are poor unfortunate victims of lies you believe / A plague upon your ignorance that keeps the young from the truth they deserve" - Frank Zappa

indie fantasy league

does this actually work? it is to complicated for my small mind to work out.

also. heartfelt apologies. to the world. and everybody. i will start sleeping more and considering what i write. swearing is good for you though, and i will stand by that

Friday, September 23, 2005

i called my blog "discussion or dissent", mostly because i was inspired by what liam was doing. this is the first time i've actually had dissent on it. or much discussion. so, teach me austin...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

so i have come up with this

7 hours to go. and i've got this shit. more work required. simon always talks about having a crap model and doing a good render and adding some graphics. i wish he'd taught us how to do that, rather then how to do stuff properly.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

background music

i've found something to play in the background of the presentation

"the wizard's speech"


my cad has gone from this

to this
and has to be done in about 15 hours!

zombies attack the environment

i watched the remade version of dawn of the dead, over the last several days, when i was bored. it was suprisingly good. pretty much how i would make a movie, make sure you kill of most of the main characters, lots of blood, don't worry about offending anyone. i was suprised at some of the stuff. i mean a pregnant zombie having a zombie baby, thats pretty freaky.

it was interesting especially in the scenes where they had the chainsaw out and were
dismembering zombies, it wasn't shocking or anything, but when one of the guys accidentally saws a woman who's not a zombie in half it really made me squirm. if i was a soldier in vietnam, for instance, would i feel bad about seeing australians die but be perfectly happy killing the enemy. i always thought that wouldn't be the case, but now i wonder whether i'm just as human as everyone else.

as i was stacking shelves i realised that there is no way a zombie virus could really exist. it is totally against nature. zombies can only eat fresh flesh, yet anything they bite turns into a zombie, within about 30 seconds of dying. theres no way a zombie can eat a whole person in seconds, so therefore the zombies will always increase in number. more zombies equals more need for fresh meat equals more zombies, in a continuing cycle, eventually there would be no people left and the zombies would starve to a second death. they have to starve, otherwise they would not need to eat. nothing in nature works this way, except for perhaps people. we go from one resource to another using up
everthing we can and then moving on. eventually we will run out and then we will die, just like a zombie plague. thats kind of bizarre. i'm going back to cad now

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The first Chinese car to be sold in Europe has scored zero — the worst-ever score — in safety tests.
The JiangLing Landwind was displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week and is expected to arrive in British showrooms within months. It is already on sale in Holland, Germany and Belgium and has been billed as the vanguard of a new invasion of Chinese vehicles.
The two-ton 4x4 scored zero stars in crash tests last week by the ADAC, the German automobile club, which carries out tests for Euro NCAP. “It had a catastrophic result,” said a spokesman for the ADAC. “In our 20-year history no car has performed as badly.”

Testers calculated that a driver would be unlikely to survive a head-on collision at 40mph, and in a side-on collision at 30mph the driver would suffer severe head and chest injuries due to a lack of side protection.


storm chasing vehicle

a storm chasing vehicle

Monday, September 19, 2005

weird stuff

Thursday, September 15, 2005

toyota echo electric conversion

ipod again

Sunday, September 11, 2005

my idea to make the streets more bicycle friendly by making 90 percent of short streets dead ends, and leaving a bike path so that bikes can still travel directly. this way the cyclists have a direct path to where they are going and car trips are noticeably more complicated, dissuading people from using them for short trips



a light made from paper by tjord bjonte that is awesome, called icarus, i don't remember how to spell his name

Saturday, September 10, 2005

first semester studies

here's my book from liams first semester studies class. as it was languishing in my bedroom floor i decided it was time to get it
out in public. besides i'm procrastinating from all the work i
should be doing and watching rambo.

bike riding

my sister wanted a lift to the school supplies store and i told her i would not drive her, she had to ride her bike. this was partly due to me being lazy but mainly due to the fact that i was reading a book about bicycle transport and i thought it was poor form for me to drive a car such a short distance. she complained that she would feel silly riding in skinny leg jeans and i told her that i was now even less inclined then before to drive her because she was being silly. in the netherlands 30 percent of journeys are done by bike. so i rode with her to the shops, and it was closed anyway.


i think plant is a cool word. the plant that i planted, from seed,that has seeded, i can see, in my garden, is flowering, i have weeded, it and soon it can be eated, that is successful seed.

from the seeds we got in the seedsaver lecture. its some kind of european spinach i think


secret no.3
i wrote a book in grade 3 for a project where we all wrote books and exchanged them and took them home and read them to our parents. my book went missing. the rumour is that a parent destroyed it because the story was about a man who committed suicide by driving a bus off a cliff, and then his body lay for days decomposing on the side of the road. i think it was not viewed as suitable grade 3 reading material.