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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 products i love: part 3

and this one is all about dutch designers.

Nadine Sterk's Sleeping Beauty lamp

Maarten Baas' Clay Furniture series------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Studio Libertiny's Honeycomb vase made by bee's

Monday, May 26, 2008

10 products i love: part 2

part 2. hey look. i'm doing work. not really. this kind of counts, but not enough.
but now i'm stuck. what else?
The Bouroullec Brothers -

Algue modular divider system

Ligne Rosett - Facett armchair

10 products i love: part 1

for uni, a list of 10 design products i enjoy/love.
5 now, 5 tomorrow. i need my sleep after all
i didn't spend a lot of time narrowing or sorting this list, and i'm sure there are things i've forgotten i like much more then the things on this list. also, not in any particular order.
Yves Behar's leaf lamp, with energy conserving LED's in two colours which are switchable and dimmable to adjust for our personal favourite shade of light
Konstantin Grcic's 1 chair, stackable version. he has a recent book that i strongly desire
Hulger Phones, the VOIP ones, not the pokia ones they originally sold.
from a small startup to a successfull company, they saw a market niche for designer VOIP phones, and seized it---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Brooks Saddles
supreme classic design item of the most basic and best kind, they've been making saddles since 1866, and you can still buy the best designs from that era. used in professional road racing right up till the end of the 70's in races like the tour de france.
Marc Pascal's Vovo
i'm a fan of most of his more recent work.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Thursday, May 22, 2008


starting to get stressed, anxious, you name it, with all the physical manifestations. i need a break. spanish language class is the straw that is breaking my back. i'd discard it, yet i'm a little concerned about lowering my GPA too much. to top it off, some of the work for it is not really relevant. i mean, a poster about how spanish culture is international? i just drew pictures of foods. i'm not even sure how right the names are.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

meaning is everthing, and everything is meaning

i've got this strange lightness in my chest at the moment, like my heart is skipping a beat or something, but only sometimes. thinking about it isn't making it go away though.

so,,, here's some sound/video stuff i've found recently,
Andre Avelas does sound art and installations with various sound generating devices. in this installation, he places a contact mic inside a mesh bag of living snails. go to the link for images and video and sound files of all his work. and some cool ASCII posters.
is a fashion show with a difference, as it says

Anechoic is a 'collections story' project that uses sound instead of visuals to interpret the essence of key garments the A/W '06-7 season by leading fashion brands. A live recording session in a specialist recording studio -a hemi-anechoic chamber- on 1 June 2006 will be used to create a series of groundbreaking interactives that for the first time in fashion media, detail the precise sound of fashion materials such as feathers, sequins, glass crystals and beads, nylon, taffeta, leather, velvet, jacquard, zips and metallic chains. The live broadcast will also be filmed, providing motion image footage of model Zora Star working in the unconventional, futuristic studio environment, which will be edited to create abstract shorts of each audio 'shot'.

plus, it sounds awesome, anechoic chambers are the shizz, and there's boobies.

remeber the absurdist glove? here's the hand.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

done, done

yeah, finally edited some stuff in the the template to get rid of black lines and boxes, and updated the links section of this blog. ( i'm thinking of trying to get some products in the Designboom design mart in sydney in august, so i guess i'd better do some.
anyway, here's some shelves i made from a shipping pallet cut in half. i'm 'inspired ' by some shelves i saw somewhere on a blog, with a similar form, but obviously not made from recycled material. they have a really freeform approach to placement, they can lie anywhere or lean up against anything. i think if you had 20 or so, they would make great semi-transparent room dividers, arranged in walls.
i'm gonna work on the skateboard deck and shell feedback container this afternoon, make some cardboard mockups in full scale. hopefully this week i'll get the questionnaire done for uni. otherwise i am going to fall behind.