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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

in defence

this is mostly crap, with a not so hidden motive

-i plan to pass down a huge mp3 collection to my children, grandchildren, and everyone at my nursing home. now that we can carry around our whole lives on a stick we are less likely to sell them to cash converters in a momentary lapse of judgement
-downloading off the net is ok as long as you're not stealing too much from the audience. instead of buying big name artists cd's now instead i support local artists just getting started. i don't spend any less on music, i just spend it in different ways
- now that ipods show photos it won't be long before they show album covers as you play the songs
- album covers don't start fashion trends it was the live performances, and you can't put them on an ipod.
- see above
- and then the writer just rambles... the one negative, really really negative thing about ipods, and especially ipod shuffles is that PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN TO ALBUMS ANYMORE. they just download singles. how can an artist convey emotion, feeling, create that wonderfull buildup of tension thta you get from a good cd, all in one song, especially if that track is designed to get maximum airplay. every one should realise that the songs that give the most pleasure are the ones that don't hook you in straight away but take a few spins to get used to, and then they blow you away.

anti ipod courtesy of jb-hifi

this is from a jb hi fi magazine

because of ipods:
- no one will have a record collection to pass down to their kids anymore
-ipods are pushing us further into downloading of the net, off friends etc and not buying the cd outright
- cd artwork will become a thing of the past. when you stick in your ipod you are not looking at the cover art- masterpieces and mysteries like the sgt peppers lonely hearts club band cover will be no longer.
-no albums, no fashion trends
- no album covers= no true POP culture
- art and conversation and music all live off each other- ipods suck the big one
- been to a party lately dictated to by someones ipod collection- bring back the DJ, you know that guy or girl you ask "do you have?" and they say "nah but if you like that you might like..."
- just because it's easy access doesn't make it good.
- think about it
- the next generation is getting crap if we give them ipods.