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Monday, May 30, 2005

a real story

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i just realized that my argument could be used to validate the theories of those idiots who want to make torture government policy. i want to say that their end is the safety of the country and protection of life and therefore the loss of one for the saviour of many is justified.

however the aim should be the protection of human rights, and the wellbeing of all. this is a much broader view of everything and encompasses protecting your country, but not at the cost of losing what makes us good and strong.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

batman is about the end not the means, and he creates his own identity

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

the IDEO approach to research

i'm still here

Monday, May 16, 2005

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wer'e off to see the wizard, the wonderull wizard of ozzzone

and you were there and you and you, and you

Both good and bad sides.
I’m not saying you can kill people for peace, but I am saying that killing someone for $1 million is as right/wrong as doing anything else for an end of$1 million.
I cannot say what is wrong because that means I am taking the position of the right and erasing all other views. I still cannot “put myself in someone else’s shoes” because inevitably I would end up judging as well, just from the other side. I still have no right. If I choose the categories then at least I m constricting myself and others can clearly understand my reasoning. Because if I say that the means doesn’t matter it’s just the end result because I can’t judge from my viewpoint, I still have to say what the end result is, and that’s open to almost as much interpretation. I used to have a project at the end of this, not some depressing nihilistic essay.
We talked in class about simulations and how if everything is based on perceptions then we have all created our own simulations of how the world works based on our own perceptions that help
us live in it. Luca’s grandmother lives in a world without homosexuality because it is not a part of her simulation. In various minor ways we all create our own little bubbles, read women’s weekly, watch TV and create relations that don’t exist in the true and unflattering world that I imagine looks like the barren earth looked like in the matrix. If nothing can be definitely true, outside of our own simulations everything must be fake/true. Dilute this solution with 8 parts of water and apply liberally to whatever you want.

And in regards to dissent in music for money, if the end is dissent, then most “fake” groups didn’t have the same impact as “real” groups, and if the “end’ is money, most real groups weren’t as successful.

fly my pretties, fly

Rob asked if I designed a mobile phone that was bad for the environment how I would justify it. If the end was to have a high selling product then and it was compared to an environmentally friendly phone which had sold the same amount, then obviously the environmentally friendly phone would be better, or would it? Because then we are projecting our own values onto it. For someone else it might be bad because it is expensive to make. If the bad one was cheaper we have two end results. If you have two end results that may be enough to work something out.

Some groups or individuals I believe have strong streak of dissent, but the problem is that my views, opinions and beliefs have been shaped by other people and I have no control over them. I remember in grade six how substitute teachers were amazed at how no boy in our class would admit to liking Hanson or the Spice Girls. Even that long ago we were already being taught that real men didn’t like manufactured pop.

Saying that the end justifies the means is a pretty strong statement and I felt that must qualify it ]. Initially this little adventure started as an attempt to work out how to classify the unclassifiable. So, first you create a category, and then you see if something fits it. You are disregarding everything except for things relating directly to the category. That is how categories work. But the human brain is so large and complex that it creates many multi categories, which contain a kind of map of information which the brain deems relevant. If the categories create multiple ends which create a false sense of knowing of the whole then we have the appearance of an understanding and form an opinion. It is impossible to know every “means” leading to and end- we almost digitize the information, taking snapshots which become mini “ends”.

I believe that the means in between do not matter as long as the end is reached. Eg: getting from point A to B, no one needs to know that rather then walking you took a taxi and stopped off at the pub.
It’s all down to what people believe and our responsibility to them. We cannot say we have a responsibility to give them what they want, or to make sure they’re not hurt, so there is no defined thing which we can’t do.
Most musicians wouldn’t want to disappoint their fans, but some just don’t care. It depends on your morals and what you want from it.

Joe Strummer from the CLASH said in a post- clash interview that they wanted to start a revolution, but not before they got their hair gel. In the bigger picture they realized that their style was a means to their revolutionary ends or perhaps more cynically their manager Bernie Rhodes realized revolution was a means to his scheming ends.

there's no place like home, theres no place like home

Fake is fake.
I started off looking at dissent in music and bands lying about it to make money. While I was doing this I realised that I was judging these bands based on my own values. I also realised that no matter how much research I did I would always be judging and categorizing them based on someone’s opinion, if not my own. The thing about musicians is that all musicians have fans who think they are the best.

I theorized therefore, that they all had equal value and each was thus an equally valid and real output. This was the only way to look at them all fairly and equally and unbiased. The problem with this is to find my outcome I am unsure what I will discover.

I can no longer judge artists on whether they represent truth in their music or lives. I can judge them on their product and the result it has. If the artists are all equal then and it doesn’t matter if they lie or not and I examine their work, that means that the end justifies the means. If the end justifies the means then if you know the end result you wish to accomplish then you can work out the means to do it and it is justified. No one can say that definitively you are not as good as someone else if both have the same end product except in their own opinion. Basically you can keep adding criteria until you reach a solution you like. So if the criteria are album sales and Anthony Callea sells more albums than an unnamed Australian band then he is obviously better. This is a simple and just way of analysing data, and like all categories, the results depend on the questions asked. But if we also consider the APRA nominations for each artist we would have a much more balanced appraisal between the consumers and the producers.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

just some stuff i've been doing,,, creating scenarios

They asked us what we thought about the war. Now we’d worked out previously that out a while ago that the image we aimed to project was that of uneducated dissatisfied youth, so obviously we replied with things like “we don’t know why we’re off in Iraq when the problems we have at home are more important”.
When we started the group we created our ideal Rolling Stone article and then everything that we did, we did to accomplish this aim. It went something like this.

Straight from a warm gun to you, Super Bear Brothers are the latest rock group to emerge from Melbourne. With their blend of classic rock image and hip hop beats they are already making an impact six months from their conception.With their name referencing their shared love of video games and beer, they have a huge cultural relevance to the youth of today, which they use to spread a message of dissatisfaction with the status quo. “We’re force fed a diet of utter crap everyday, and we have to sit and take it because that’s the way the world works,” said singer and spokesperson Roger Ramjet. “We want to say that there’s another way, you don’t have to buy products because multinationals force you to, just steal them from the shop. For example, Apple is killing the music industry with the ipod, so we’ve set up a co-operative where homeless people mug anyone over twenty five with one, and then we sell them back to the kids. Eventually no one will want to buy them new. It’s grass roots activism like that that’s the way of the future.”
Now hard edge fundamentalists like Roger Ramjet might seem extreme but already the effect can be seen in the increased in-store security, and random searching of homeless people in the CBD. “That’s exactly what we’re aiming for,” said Ramjet. “That kind of mass awakening of the people against the overlords. At the moment we’re all like serfs, and Microsoft and Nike are like our rulers. We work all our lives to buy their products so we can interact with other people and what do we get? A whole lot of mediocre product and lots of landfill.
The other members of the band also go under various intriguing nom de plumes. Patrick the Canary handles bass, while William Shakespeare deals with percussion. A female known as Britannia rules the Waves provides trombone and vocals, and depending on the level of inebriation, saucy burlesque dancing. “It’s the message that’s important, not the medium” says Patrick the Canary. “We want kids to know they have to get the politicians attention. If you’re against outlawing abortion go impregnate some politician’s kid, see how they like it then. If your school needs more money burn it down.” Britannia believes that “it’s our way or the highway, you have to make your own luck, good things come to those who wait and angels are made not born.” William Shakespeare prefers not to talk, instead sticking to the skins.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

isnotmagazine Issue Issue #1, April 2005 The Love and Lust issue. The raciest grey area we could find for issue #1. What comes to mind? Your wife? Your porn stash? The frequency of your intimate encounters generally? In answer to the Love Is/Not Lust brief, our contributors came up with: ‘examining the ethics of sibling incest’, ‘an economic model for marriage’, ‘interviewing a graphic designer at a porn agency’, ‘reviewing Lost in Translation after 2 bottles of vino and some weed’, ‘an analysis of lust in the OC’, ‘the many connections between cookery and sex’ and ‘Louis Vuitton has broken my heart.’ So here it is: Love and Lust and joyous rambling editorial confusion on the street. And check out the love letters. You may have written one of them.
Is Not Magazine is: on the streets of Melbourne from April 9, 2005; a 1.5m x 2m bill poster; a magazine with no advertisements; a design challenge; a reading experiment; independently published; championing new writers; a canvas awaiting your written comments; the work of five young Melburnians; a bastion of editorial complexity; a grey area; on display at 50 inner city poster sites; appearing at a café, bookstore, laundromat near you; always looking for contributors; available for purchase full size only; cheap at the price; a paper saving device; unique in all the world; for the discerning communal reader.