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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

my studio gets a heart start

i finally started thinking again, and let me tell you, it's been a relief. i think my mind went on holiday for a significant period of time, but it's all better now. i wonder whether the stress of always thinking abut the exchange application fried it, but now that is out of the way, all i have to do is wait for an answer. in the last couple of days i've come up with about 7 decent ideas, that are all worthy of further research, and i think i'm finally out of the rut. to that end , i am starting a new blog for my pedal power studio, and i plan to write between 220 - 300 words each day, so that by the end of term i have a formidable body of work. things are looking like they will be ok, and it is awesome.

also, i can't do colours in the writing anymore, which is sad.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

saw the drones on saturday night at the corner hotel. they are very cool, play a sort of bluesy, swampy rock, with a trace of pop. the crowd was pretty reserved, seeing as it was their last show before they head off overseas again.

things broken: ride cymbal, snare skin, guitar bridge, my eardrums. (still had tinnitus the next morning)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


saw XIU XIU tonight. was very nice, hard to explain, sufficient to say not mainstream, and it makes me feel like curling up on a bed and crying myself to sleep. (in a nice way, if that's possible. not that that's what i will do of course) some of the percussion was amazing, they had cymbals that sounded like time shredding itself apart, and the integration with the backing track was enough to make me rethink my prejudices against them.

they were supported by Because of Ghosts, who were a good solid instrumental band who i enjoyed live much more then some of the recorded stuff i had heard led me to expect, as normally things without vocals make me fall asleep.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

stories about mexican walking fish

here are some stories about them, courtesy of lottie, susie, matthias, katey and ashley

You dont eat them!!! We had one in our class when I was in year 6. We fed him ham and his name was Mr. Pickles. Someone left him next to a window and his water got too hot and he died. They are also called Axolotols

Poor little guy. He was in the prime of his life but no, it wasn't to be. An Axolotol probably would be tasty if it was 5x the size they normally are. They are way too tiny to get any meat off them. But pickled, they could make a tasty snack

in grade two we had a class mexican walking fish, and we somehow had him in the same tank as the fish that the class also kept. One morning we arrived to school to see the poor little walking fish dude as just.......bones. the fish ate the poor little guy! RIP.
it was pretty damn horrendous for 7 year olds, i think we were just hella confused and thought that mr axolotyl man had walked out the door and sneakily replaced himself with bones." take THAT suckers!"

I had an axolotl, his name was Zshoe. I went away for a few days over the summer, and most of the water evaporated in his tank, and when I got back, he was half-immersed in water, and rotting.

My parents friend had an Axolotl called dude. In the marine room there's Alolotls as well, they freak me out so much! Haha, at school we had a spelling competition and one of the words was axolotl! No one got it.

we used to have them in the pet store my parents owned like 10 years ago. i used to feed them mince on the end of a straw so i could get it to the bottom where they were.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

headphone holder

saw this, and it looks great, it's so mp3 player headphones don't get tangled in your pocket

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

1561 words. i will stop at 2000, that seems like enough

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

1050 words. and definitely still counting

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

swine! before pearls. silk purse.

893 words. the end is in sight. i figre something is better then nothing, as long as i pass somehow, then i don't have to think about this stupid essay anymore.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

this is what i have written so far;

Any review on the efficiency of transport invariably uses quantitative research to validate its points, this being seen as having more truth then qualitative research. Quantitative research seems to provide however a more illustrative view of the same people. What is the interaction between the two, and how do the results differ?

i am resigned to failure
quietly i slip under
black water
to the bottom
and play with
the seaweed,
that is bright and
not drab and boring
hermit crabs will be my friends

Saturday, April 08, 2006

i make no apologies for being imperfect.
unfortunately i find myself disinterested in the path i set myself at the start of the semester.
After i went to the Lab 3000 lecture on the automotive industry i realized i missed the simplicity of designing from within myself. i have yet to work out whether i was merely getting scared and have picked the easiest path, but at this stage in the semester it seems as though the best option is to pick the path of least resistanc, the one i feel the most likely to accomplish. is this a failure? i feel that it is. is this a start? yes. after seeing the electro scoot website i am led to wonder whether the best way to reach the widest range of people is not through a shallow approach. the idea would develop from an idea raised in the PPV workshop of 'concept bikes'
hopefully i will circumvent the issues that tend to annoy me about student projects by having a knowledge of the wider issues at hand, avoiding the obvious flaws.i guess this can be avoided by feedback. feedback...everything leads to it.

you should listen to

rough gem - islands (ex unicorns)