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Monday, February 27, 2006

so i went to the st jeromes laneway festival in melbourne. it is in a lane. about 11 people wide by many people deep.

i saw pretty girls make graves. they are ok

i saw wolf & cub. they are noisy and they rock loud

i saw new buffalo, she is peaceful,

she sings a song " it's time to go to sleep"

i couldn't get close to BSS, that sucked. there were problems with feedback, so they didn't play anthem for a 17 year old girl, or any non rocky tracks, that sucked as well

when i grow up i want to be just like tim harrington from les savy fav

he dressed up as a homeless man and stood on the crowd barrier collecting money and talking about how we had to share the alley

i think he may have saliva'd on me while i took a picture

the rest of the band, no one was watching them

yes, run inside the club and rub yourself on the window


the crowd was nice and wild so i got to do some pogoing and stuff, some guys started crowd surfing and the security guards grabbed them, and one of the guys in the crowd sucker punched the dude who had been crowd surfing in the gut as he was dragged off. thats not cool

and then he put some bread crates on our hands, about 3 and climbed onto them, and we carried him around, kind of falling over for a long time, until he sailed away, and i could take a photo

when i grow up i want to be just like tim harrington, oh and the music was good too

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I went away a while ago and said nothing so here is my story.

when I missed out on tickets for the falls festival I was very disappointed, because as anyone who has been before knows, the best way to spend NYE is at falls. I cried, I sobbed, I offered people my firstborn child, and finally a good friend mentioned that a friend of his had some tickets he didn't need anymore. So I bought two. My mate Ben who I normally go to see music stuff with, cause he has a car, didn't want to pay money so I sold one to my sister, cause she's cool.

problem being: I then had no one to drive me. I solved this problem by coming up with the idea of sneaking in to the festival, and giving my ticket to Ben in return for him driving me in. My sister also invited her best fwend so I would have company on the walk.

I bought a map of the place, and planned out the route as best I could. With help from Sam who had the lat/longitude, I had an approximate idea of where it was. We all piled into the car and drove down to geelong, then great ocean road, buying food on the way. Me and klara were dropped of in a carpark about 3 kilometres from the site. At first it seemed like it would be ok, but soon we realised we were walking through a very old rainforest, and it was tough going. Most of the time it was going over logs or under logs. The place really needs a good fire to clear it out so that some new plants can grow.

it took us 3 house to get to the site. On the map it showed pretty clearly were we were and I used that to guide us, but most of the time we just followed the road, trying not to get too close. It was very hard. A lot of times we thought we were far into the forest, and then a bus would drive past 15 metres away, peeking over the canopy, with everyone on it clearly able to see us.

the last part was the hardest. It was a veritable sleeping beauty style forest of blackberries. Some insane person had already chopped a path through it but it wasn't very wide or very deep. I was glad I wore pants.

i had a good time at the festival. saw some good music, drunk a lot, went to bed at 1:30 on NYE cause i was that tired, but it had been good, i had just seen the presets who are greeeat.